The human race is so special, like how your mom told you you were special in grade school

by Eman

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It’s funny how we think our problems are so massive that the earth should stop revolving around the sun and revolve around us and our problems. The fact is, in ten years none of this will matter, in 50 years we’ll be reaching the end of our lives and these petty problems will be the last thing on our minds, in one hundred years we’ll be lying in a hole six feet under the ground, decaying and being devoured by maggots and the mole people (unless you’re immortal in which case you’re effed). And in a thousand years those who tread the earth will have long forgotten us and our problems. We are nothing. We are just another being in a race that has produced billions and will keep producing even more. We consider ourselves the high and mighty rulers of the universe and that’s just dumb. We’re like the freshmen that used to be so popular in high school and think they’re just as important when they get to college, and act like they have everyone wrapped around their pinkie finger, but they don’t. They just come off pathetic. That is us as a human race with our constant problems and teenage cockiness. The universe will keep expanding, the sun will keep burning (for a few more million years at least) and the lizard people will find another race to control (if you don’t get this joke you haven’t been watching enough of the Discovery Channel). We will die and our children will weep for us and perhaps our children’s children and if we live long enough our children’s children’s children. But after that we will be another name lost in the books. And all the good or bad we put into the world will be insignificant until our day of judgement.
It sounds depressing but I think it’s liberating. Mull it over, I’m too sick and sweaty to make much sense anyway. Abrazos.