All rants end in dreams

by Eman

Sunsetone of the prettier pictures I took


I am very dissatisfied with my classes this course! And especially the instructors teaching those classes. Sometimes I just want to go to whoever is responsible for picking instructors and knock them over the head with the Encyclopedia Brittanica, just knock some sense into them! My days are spent sitting slack jawed and droopy eyed in the back of a classroom while people ask questions like, “can my friend and I write one research paper together?” Of course I have to interject with a couple of remarks, which I phrase in the most condescending way I can muster. These remarks are usually met with everyone’s head swiveling to the back of the lecture hall. Some people actually think I’m from the future and my big hair only hides my evolved skull which houses both my brain and my heart which have fused to become one organ. Crazy!

Or is it…?

I have one instructor who keeps emailing me asking my why she hasn’t seen me in class and if I’m even registered for her course. I emailed her back using a lot of exclamation points and told her that she calls my name three times before every lecture. She hasn’t replied, she’s probably soaking her head in salt water because that’s the only thing I can think of that could make someone so unbelievably dense!

Another professor has this idea of restoring Arab nationalism or something. He keeps giving us assignments asking us to suggest how we can sustain our culture. Have we ever had a single Arab culture? And if we had who says it should be sustained or that we have the power to sustain it. The way he asks us these questions, he completely disregards the fact that we are humans and that our cultures, societies and civilizations aren’t created consciously! BAH! It’s really funny, I sit in the back with my friend and we draw disfigured people because it’s more intellectually stimulating than listen to a man harper on at a grade school level. Also the discussions are so uncivilized, people just shout at each other. Pshh, Arabs!

I went to the beach yesterday! The sea is so beautiful and so big, I’d like to build a ship and sail away forever. Or at least until I hit some place cool like Greece. I’d love to be somewhere where people didn’t pick at the tiniest, most insignificant things. I think it’s the Spanish who say “how beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.” I think Spain understand me.