Dazed and Amazed

by Eman


That’s all I can say right now! WOW! I can’t believe the amount of publicity my post about Qatar 2022 got! It’s unbelievable! I wrote that post at 1 am in the morning to vent my pent up frustration and I honestly did not expect so much attention! Thank you all so much!

I have gotten dozens of emails regarding the post, people have actually stopped me in the hallway to tell me they liked it and it’s been featured on a couple of websites. I just keep thinking: why??? I mean, I realize that I put into words what a lot of people were thinking, but was it really that good? I’m laughing as I’m writing this even though I’m in class because it’s so surreal. I guess you all see something I don’t!

I’ve really neglected this blog and I feel guilty. The kind of guilt you feel when you forget to feed your cat or flush the toilet.

8 minutes until class ends…

It’s really hot here, I’m wearing a thick cardigan because my room at home is so cold it gives me the illusion that the rest of the country is cold as well. I don’t understand what the professor is saying. Something about Tuesday morning…

6 minutes left…

There’s a girl in this class who talks a lot and whenever she does I cover my face with my hands. Talk about secondhand embarrassment! She doesn’t make sense and she has a very large manly voice and wears a huge flower in her hair. I’ll call her Galactica.

4 minutes left!!

He wants us to give an oral presentation (heehee) tomorrow morning at 8. AT EIGHT!!! WHAAAA-!! I tried to tell him that I’ll be sick tomorrow at 8 but he refuses to listen to me. He looks at me the way you’d look at a rather ugly parakeet.


I have to wrap this up and make a surreptitious run to the door! Adios!