by Eman

Today was basically a whirlwind of exhaustion, I don’t even know when today began! When the plane took off? When we landed in Kuala Lumpur? DID TODAY EVEN BEGIN?

My first impression of Malaysia was that it is so lush and green! Trees just pop out everywhere, if you’re not careful you’ll be flying home with a shrub permanently attached to your neck!

I didn’t sleep very well on the plane. I’m like the princess in the Princess and the Pea, I need a very particular environment to sleep in, so when I arrived into our marvelous apartment here (it really is wonderful – HUGE!) I immediately nose-dived into my bed in my prescribed room which also happens to be the smallest room in the apartment (I will hold this grudge forever). Soon enough my mother knocked on the door and said that she’s going to explore the city so I washed my face, shouldered my bag and walked out with her. We didn’t go far, we visited the closest shopping mall called The Pavillion first. It is magnificently large! And it has everything from Hermes to Hello Kitty along with really weird local products. I can’t wait to explore that place soon. We had lunch and then poked around the surrounding streets while trying not to get run over by the crazy motorcycles.

That is my quick and tired rendering of today’s events. We might go on a safari tomorrow… not sure yet.