by Eman

I’m a bit better rested today, I woke up in a bad mood because I couldn’t remember my dream and that always puts me in the worst mood.

So today we visited Zoo Negara, the national Zoo of Malaysia. Initially we wanted to take the two hour drive to A’Famosa Animal Safari but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. The zoo was much better than the one back home but that isn’t saying much. It was just a zoo. That’s it. The animals were fun though! I got to feed a monkey and stroke an elephant but my life long dream of riding an elephant wasn’t achieved today *sob* but it will one day… Asian elephants are lame anyway, I’d rather ride an African elephant.

sir, I see your argument and I spit on it.


Tapirs are the laziest, dumbest animals I’ve ever seen.


So after ogling a lot of animals and walking under the rain we came upon a quaint store (yes, in the middle of the zoo. That’s Malaysia for you, there’s a store for everything everywhere) that sold honey. We bought what felt like 600 pounds of “Royal” honey which tasted really fruity but in a good way.

Then we visited the little petting zoo, it was cute. A cow almost licked my face and the white baby goat took a liking to me. I love goats! They’re such resilient animals. Throw them on a mountain or in the middle of the desert and they’ll survive.

After leaving the zoo we got into a fervent discussion with a frightening looking man over taxis. He insisted we take two taxis for 50 ringgit, which was preposterous because we barely paid 40 rm for the way there, psshhhh. We found another taxi that was willing to take all 60 of us back home. He was really nice for a Liverpool fan. He disliked Torres as much as I do and he guessed that I was an FC Barcelona fan saying: “almost everybody from the Middle East is a Barcelona fan”. He was Indian but spoke with an English accent which made me homesick (hehe).

After a short rest we left for lunch, the Indian tax driver had put us in the mood for Indian food so we hada delicious curry in a restaurant called Spice of India in the Pavilion mall. The waitress was incredibly dumb, ordering our food was like teaching a poodle how to shave its behind with a butter knife. Unbelievable difficult.

Then shopping! I didn’t buy much – I promise!! I bought a few small gifts (and one bigger one *wink*) and a t-shirt and jacket since I only packed two (don’t ask, I suck at packing). The Pavilion is enormous and it has a lot of amazing stores! They’ve got your regular designer boutiques like Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo and stores like Topshop and Forever 21 as well as these unique Asian brands that I’ve never heard of before but are so awesome! I had a blast at O.P.I, I finally got the cracked nail polish I’ve been lusting over. They also have the biggest Marc by Marc Jacobs I’ve seen yet and you know Marc Jacobs is my soulmate – I was like Dorothy in Oz!

After that hectic workout we had cake and hot chocolate at Godiva (about 50,000 calories were consumed in those 30 minutes), had a poke around the make-up shops which had more Asian brands that I loved – most of them Japanese, and then came home with throbbing feet and full stomachs. I crashed on the couch in front of the TV and watched a Malaysian soap opera and then the trashiest Italian dance show.

I learned two words today: Ganjah (elephants) and jalan (road or street)! I’ll try and pick up some more during my short time here.

Tomorrow: Times Square and Petang Towers? We’ll see. Goodnight everyone!