by Eman

TODAY WAS EXHAUSTING! For me at least! I barely had two seconds off my feet. After breakfast we went to a place called Times Square which is nothing like the Times Square you’re thinking of. Think Souq al-Jabir with a really cool theme park.

And the theme park was amazing! It was small but the rides were unbelievable! There was this one ride that almost decapitated me, it’s called the DNA Scrambler. Believe me it deserved its name! The problem with this ride was that it was too big for me, that is to say I had plenty of wiggle room and when it flipped around at what felt like 600 km/h I legitimately had to hold on for dear life because I could have slipped out and flew to my doom.

the electric chair is more merciful

We walked around and looked at the strange shops, my sister (who is peeking under my elbow as I type this) and I took some photos at a photo sticker booth, they turned out well/ I also bought a couple of earring made out of felt to look like roses and carnations and we had some ice-cream.

green tea ice-cream! It actually tastes nice.

After the taxi ride home my father and brother and I walked to the Pavilion to get lunch. Out of all the restaurants we could have picked, we picked T.G.I Friday’s. It was meh at best.

Then a short rest for me before I was out again, this time my mother and I walked to the, appropriately called, Arab street to get a fish spa! It was insane! We had to soak our feet in these big bowls of fish! We couldn’t stop laughing as the fish nibbled the dead skin on our feet, and god did they nibble! It was like an Eid feast for them with my callus feet! The lady sitting next to us had her feet in a bowl filled with these monster fish, they were as big as my head! Well, more or less! I kept praying they didn’t throw a piranha in there by mistake and had to count all my toes as I left.

yes. The fish are eating me and I taste delicious.

With our feet as soft as a baboon’s behind we walked around the city:

I loved this!

I got a couple to take home for my friends since I know they love dried fish 🙂

It’s whole, for added goodness.

Spicy for those of us who like a little fire in our lives. This is the reason why I gained 5 kilos on this trip.

We got to copies of the memoirs of  Mahathir Mohamad

Malaysian Oud


Tomorrow we’re leaving to Johor where we’ll stay for two days. I don’t know if I’ll have internet like I do now so I’ll bid you all adieu until I see you next!