The Earthworm’s Tale

by Eman

I’ve always lived by the idea that honesty is the best policy. Yeah yeah it sounds cliche but it has always worked for me. I’ve always been touted as an honest person and people more or less trust me because they know I’m always going to tell them the truth. Now I’m beginning to think that maybe I’ve been a bit naive. That is not to say that I should start lying to people, but perhaps I shouldn’t be so bluntly honest with them. Some things are better left unsaid and some secrets are better buried with their owners. It’s all very confusing, the truth causes more problems than I sometimes think it’s worth. I wish we lived in a world where no one ever felt bad and we could all just float along on our merry clouds, being happy all the time like delirious robots. But that could never happen, maybe it shouldn’t. I wish good people never suffered.

I feel helpless and tiny and useless. Like the part of the earthworm that got cut off.