Pretending to Take Notes

by Eman

As much as I hate this blog there is still a part of me that loves it. Like a dead fetus in a jar.
This lecture is like a soft-core al-Qaeda training program.
I haven’t slept for days, I just drift in and out of consciousness. In this state of limbo I sometimes have very revealing dreams. Last night I dreamed that I robbed a bank, it looked a lot like Gringotts.
Speaking of Gringotts, there’s a girl here that looks a lot like a goblin. I wonder if she could make me a sword.
Words I never want to hear again: colonialism, self-actualization, shi’a.
The goblin girl caught me looking at her. Can goblins turn people to stone? I can feel my toes getting heavier.
Did you hear Netanyahu’s speech yesterday? Hahahahahahahahaha! It was very typical, I smirked throughout the whole thing. I am thinking of collecting a group of friends and flying to Cordoba to settle there, seeing as how my people ruled Spain for eight centuries. I think it would work, since it worked for Israel.
Goblin girl spoke! She doesn’t have a goblin voice! She probably uses magicke to make it more human.
What if everyone here is a magickelicious creature and I’m the only human. This chica has a long face, she could be a centaur. I bet she has a pan flute in her bag.
I wish that, instead of learning through lectures in, we could learn by sitting in a meadow with flowers in our hair and fauns singing and dancing. We could import fauns from Australia.