Turkey and Other Discoveries

by Eman

This wasn't taken in turkey, but it's very orientalistilically Turkish.

Today I discovered that I’ll be going to Turkey in a few days, which isn’t something I discover very often. But here is a list of things I do discover often:

  1. Dandruff on my black top
  2. Lizards by picture frames
  3. One sock, never a pair
  4. Strands of hair in my rice
  5. An eyelash on my eyeball
  6. More family on Twitter
  7. Boogers hanging from people’s noses
  8. Suspicious stains
  9. Poo in toilet bowls
  10. Dead cats on a highway

The above also happens to be a list of my favorite things. I’d like to see Julie Andrews sing that with her honey-coated voice of goodness and purity.

Photo by fcknostalgia