Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter

by Eman

I can understand when someone is excited, but let’s face it, you haven’t been traveling through time and space in a wooden police box with a Time Lord, you’ve just been to a movie. I am one of the most passionate Harry Potter fan I know and even I haven’t been making the amount of fuss some people have. It strikes me as very disappointing because half of these people, actually a bit more than half, are missing out on the true brilliance that JK Rowling generates in the books. I remember being 10 years old, picking up the Philosopher’s Stone and being taken on an amazing journey! I’m almost 20 today, and although the journey with books ended a while back, watching the movie will be the final step in an odyssey. After this, Harry Potter and Pottermania will be over. The books and movies will probably last until the end of time, but the feverish anticipation between one installment and the other will never be felt again.

We are the Harry Potter generation.

That is all.