by Eman

When was the last time you heard someone use the word bamboozled, or describe something as fanciful with a straight face? It’s sad that these words have slipped into disuse. We must mourn their loss.

In other news, I’ve just started an internship at the Museum of Islamic Art. My work consists of a copious amount of chatting, looking at art from different angles and commenting on it, and “researching”. I put researching in quotes because it’s not really researching if you are getting everything from one source. It’s a good time, but the only downside is that everyone is so old. They walk really fast like Charlie Chaplin, and they talk about old people things like coughing and how to remove moth balls from their pantaloons. But they didn’t really talk, they actually made no sound! Instead, whenever they intended to communicate, a title card would pop up and on it (in a very fancy script) you could read what they wanted to say. It’s very tiresome.

That’s all, I’ve grown bored of writing.