[insert swear word]

by Eman

Some cow apparently told my boss that I came in late the other day and missed a meeting, and now she thinks I don’t show up at all and that I’m a stupid plum, when I’ve been hauling myself out of bed every day at the crack of dawn to perform free labor. Useless mule. And there’s this one lady who is so annoying that listening to her talk is like drinking petrol out of a camel’s uterus. She talks non-stop and she says ‘good morning’ the way I’d say ‘I will kill your children and make socks out of their skin’. I never see her blinking either, her cold, watery blue eyes are always staring at something with contempt. She tried to smile once, god it was awful. It was like she was having her teeth taken out by a blind alpaca. Oh she’s a delight!

Four more days.

I have a new goodreads account, I don’t know how to use it though. I feel like the great-aunt who googles google and then gets frustrated and turns the computer monitor to face the wall so she doesn’t have to look at her illiterate shame.