I have peered unto the bowels of hell

by Eman

Honestly child, no one wants to see your lady lumps hills mountains. Hide the suckers.
This lecture makes me wonder how slow a person can be and still get into college. It frightens me to think that these people will be in charge of my money some day. I’m keeping my cash under a tree in the backyard if this is the future of banking.
I woke up a bit sad today because my skin is acting up. I had to fight nail and tooth for the last seat on the bus while this person behind me blasted house music like she’s effing Pauly D and another person talked to me with the most terrible morning breath. I almost did her a courtesy and told her to get checked because she might some sort of oral disease, but I didn’t. She had braces too, green ones that made her look like she’d licked snot off someone’s nose.
That’s all for now.