What do YOU do at 5 AM?

by Eman

Fear is what fills our veins with urgency, pushes the sweat from our pores and infuses our insides with purpose. We fear isolation, isolation which has become the building block of our society. We build palaces and cram them with people. We give these people labels; family, friends, lovers, acquaintances… We devise fanciful relationships and pour imaginary meaning into them. We throw ink on a slab of wood and call it art. We give awards to those who make the most money, celebrating them as successful, calling them artists for being able to swindle the largest amount of people simultaneously. We create this facade to convince ourselves that we are functioning normally, that we are expressive, that we are behaving in a way that humans ought to behave. But behind this silver curtain of seemingly endless hopes and dreams we are individuals, and we are huddled in dark corners gnawing at the bones of what remains of our humanness, like feral dogs in a concrete and glass jungle. When we attempt to reach out and connect to humanity we are spurned and shocked, and we recede further and further into our harrowing hollows, and we grow gaunt, and vicious and isolated, and afraid.