The Dinner Party

by Eman

 I feel their eyes on my sans serif

their tongues nipping at every letter

“why’d she do that” “oh good grief”

“you know, she could have worded that better”

poison, poison transported through satellite

materializes as a bare boned grin

how silly it is to try to be right

how thick to think that you could win

their heads were set in a rigid ring

eyes dripping ruby acrimony

stained teeth, through bright lips whispering

secrets of righteous sanctimony

but lo, then comes the great ant queen

with her daughter-soldiers dipping

dipping and dripping, it’s almost obscene

but the ringed heads keep lipping

their monad minds will soon hive

into a being almost aware,

although not so much to be considered alive,

still enough to blow up affairs

gripped in this glycolic snare

what can I do, I wonder

I willingly drink this cancerous air

and it rips my cells to sunder