Some of my thinkerings tonight

by Eman

It is 3:21 am and I cannot sleep because my nose is dripping like a glassblower’s arse. I am sitting cross legged on my bed, which smells like socks and vicks vaporub. I have a packet of chips and half a bottle of san pellegrino. The chips are salt and vinegar flavored and make me gag, and the san pellegrino has lost its bubbles and tastes like the water from a can of tinned mackerel. There is a man shouting in Portuguese outside my window, he drowns out the birds. I don’t mind, I only like birds when they are chargrilled with a side of chips.

There are lots of things on my bed, they include:

  • Ray bans that I only wear indoors because there’s no sun this is fucking england
  • Two watches that I only remember to take off before going to sleep and can’t be bothered to put away properly
  • An Arctic Monkeys CD from when I couldn’t download it from iTunes and had to go to an HMV like a 30 year old
  • Some beads
  • Lots of tissues, some have germs but most have lipstick stains
  • A very large bottle of water I use for hydration purposes
  • A neglected hairbrush

I usually have many more things on my bed, but I cleverly relocated them to the floor as part of an ongoing zoning project.

Two of my knuckles are colder than the rest, there are questions to be asked about that but perhaps not in public.