“Traditional” art makes me want to pull my guts out through my mouth. I don’t mean art that is created by traditional means, I mean art that focuses on traditional objects. Like the oil painting of a woman in a ba6oola or a watercolor of a dalla done in shades of blue. It’s supposed to be a “modern take” but it’s so overdone and boring. And if I see “اللي ما له اول ما له تالي” or “old is gold” again I will fume silently and maybe complain to someone on whatsapp. This fetishization of heritage is ridiculous and sad. Too many people are too busy looking over their shoulder, trying to unearth some link to a past that never existed and no one is paying attention to our present state of disillusionment and alienation. Maybe it’s just me, maybe everyone else is satisfied with looking at an HDR picture of wrinkled hands holding a mesba7 and I’m just an ungrateful interloper. Maybe the feeling of having your body and mind being constantly out of synch is not a disease of our time but my own personal affliction…